MAKIATO is a space for connections and networking formed by a multidisciplinary group that collaborates in projects and activities to support, create and disseminate the cultural, artistic and educational sector.

Our field is built from collaborations with different agents. We offer advice, research projects and communication services. We promote knowledge, mediation and intervention in cultural and social activities. Please check for further information about work areas and services at intersections.


Makiato was born as an act and gesture of the word maki, which in Quechua means “hands” and in Japanese “to roll"
Makiato is a visible and active sign that intervenes and shapes the possibility of building frames of reference and relating communities both in public spaces and in digital spaces.

From the poetics of space to the poetics of action.
Gastón Bachelard


Ester Vinyals
Project and Creation Lead

Carme Tierz
Writing and mediation

Pol Sans
Data Science and Graphic\web design

Mark Aitken
Creative agent. Film, writing, photography, academic and radio